The Watershed Reserves in the following list of 39 groups are reproduced from a series of four maps covering the lower two thirds of British Columbia.  The former Ministry of Environment's Environmental and Engineering Services' Water Investigations Branch produced the maps in June 1977 for the 1972-1980 Community Watersheds Task Force.  The title of each of the maps are: LOCATION OF COMMUNITY WATERSHED AREAS - To Accompany Report on Guidelines for Watershed Management of Crown Lands Used as Community Water Supplies.  Two names appear at the bottom of each map: Engineer R.W. Nichols, and "approved by" Division Chief J.D. Watts.  


This is the first time that this information has been made available to the public in the present digitized format (jpeg files), that is outside of the maps being printed and circulated to water users in 1980 to accompany the Guidelines manual.  Other environmental organizations, such as the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC), have recently produced GIS map information on BC's drinking watershed sources (see SPEC's BC Water Atlas on its website, www.spec.bc.ca) but have not included boundary information and data on the Watershed Reserves, only information from the Ministry of Forests classification system on community watersheds.  That is because the public has come to rely on the Ministry of Forests' re-interpretation of community watersheds that were incorrectly and silently altered in 1995-1996 under the Forest Practices Act legislation to ignore the Watershed Reserves that are under the authority of the Minister of Lands, part of the game plan to help the public forget about them and the fact that they were not under its jurisdiction and authority. 

Each of the four maps provide the following:


* the boundaries of the former provincial Water Districts,
* the numbers of the Watershed Reserves contained in circles and arrows pointing to the Reserve locations [Note: a solid dark dot located in a circle indicates the watershed is "not in the program"],
* and tables listing attributes of the Reserves - their numbers, source name, name of the water users, population, drainage area, and miscellaneous comments. 

The map data on this website should be considered as one part of three components that form a single unit, namely part and parcel of the two other sets of information on our website - the Watershed Reserve Backgrounder and the list of the Watershed Reserves (for each Reserve Category number).

Visitors to this site should be aware of the fact that some of the Reserves have since been "de-reserved", deleted, for various reasons, ranging from legitimate to questionable reasons.  Conversely, there were other Reserves established after the maps were produced in June 1977, and are not included on the maps (there is no updated map list that we have on these).

British Columbia

Map No. 1-E.  Watershed Reserves are listed in the following Water Districts: Kamloops, Nicola, Princeton, Fairview, Grand Forks, Vernon, Revelstoke, Nelson, Kaslo, Golden, Fernie, Cranbrook.

Group No.1

Nelson Water District - Upper Slocan Valley: (3a) Rashdell and Angel Cks.,
(3b) Aylard Ck., (3c) Simpson Ck., (3d) Mountain Chief Ck., (4) Bartlett Ck.,
( 5a) Gwillim Ck., (5b) Springer Ck.  Nelson Water District - Upper Kootenay Lake: (34a) Hendryx Ck., (34b) Indian Ck.  Nelson Water District - Upper Arrow Lakes: (2) Heart Ck., (29) Cariboo Ck.  Kaslo Water District - Upper Kootenay Lake: (2a) Kaslo River, Kemp Ck, et al., (2b) McDonald Ck., (3) Ainsworth Ck., (4) Bjerkness Ck.

Group No.2

Nelson Water District - Nelson City area: (6) Duhammel Ck., (7) South Blunt Ck., (8) Four Mile Ck., (9a) Isaac (Van Wagner) Ck., (9b) Sutherland Ck., (10a) Anderson and Fell Cks., (10b) Five Mile Ck., (10c) Cottonwood Ck., (10d) Whitewater (Apex) Ck., (10e) Clearwater Ck., (11) Quartz Ck., (30) Glade Ck., (31) Eagle Ck., (32) Sandy Ck., (33) Proctor Ck.  Nelson Water District - South Slocan and Castlegar City areas: (12a) Smoky Ck., (12b) Watts Ck., (13a) Langill Ck.,
(13b) McDermid Ck., (14) Norns Ck.

Group No.3

Nelson Water District - Castlegar City and Trail City area: (15) Merry Ck.,
(16) Blueberry Ck., (17) Poupore (China) Ck., (18) McNally Ck., (19.0) Hanno (Rock) Ck., (19.1) Hanna (Rock) Ck., (19b) Elgood Ck., (19c) Murphy Ck., (19d) Topping Ck., (19e) Little Sheep Ck., (19f) Little Sheep Ck., (19g) Josie Gulch (20a) McQuarrie Ck., (20b) Randall Ck., (20c) George Ck., (20d) Cambridge Ck., (20e) Tiger Ck., (21) Casino Ck., (22) Bath Ck., (23) Kelly Ck.

Group No.4

Nelson Water District - Creston City area: (24a) Duck Ck., (24b) Wyndell Ck., (25) Arrow Ck., (26) Sullivan Ck., (27) Camp Run Ck., (28) Lister Ck., (35) Glaser Ck., (36) Russell Ck.

Group No.5

Nelson Water District - Town of Nakusp: (1a) Kuskanax Ck., (1b) Wensley (Halfway) Ck., (1c) Brouse Ck.  Kaslo Water District - Trout Lake area:  (1) Batys Ck.

Group No.6

Fernie Water District - Town of Fernie: (1) Fairy Ck., (2) Silver Spring Lake,
(3) Boivin Ck.,  (4) Cummings Ck.

Group No.7

Golden Water District - Town of Invermere: (1a) Sixty-Two Mile Ck.,
(1b) Macaulay Ck., (2.0) Goldie Ck., (2.1) Goldie Ck., (3) Cold Spring Ck., (4) Taynton Ck., (5) Kindersley Ck., (6) Setter Ck.

Group No.8

Revelstoke Water District - Revelstoke City: (1a) Clachnacudainn Ck., (1b) Greely Ck., (1c) Hamilton Ck., (1d) Bridge Ck., (1e) Napoleon Ck., (2) Dolan Ck.

Group No.9

Kamloops Water District - Town of Clearwater: (2) Gill Ck., (3) Russell Ck. et al.

Group No.10

Kamloops Water District - Kamloops City: (5) Tranquille River.

Group No.11

Kamloops Water District - Town of Salmon Arm: (6a) Gordon Ck., (6b) Hobson Ck., (6c) White Cliff Gulch, (6d) East Canoe Ck., (7) Hudson Ck.

Group No.12

Vernon Water District - North Okanagan Valley: (1) Fortune Ck., (2) Irish (Coyote Ck., (3) Huntley Ck., (4) BX Ck., (5.0) Kalamalka Lake, (5.1) Oyama Ck., (5.2) Vernon Ck., (6) Kelowna Ck., (7) Whelan Ck., (8.0) Mission Ck., (8.1) Klo (Canyon) Ck., (8.2) Hydraulic Ck., (8.3) Mission Ck., (9) Lambly Ck., (10) Powers Ck., (11) Trepanier Ck., (12) Peachland Ck., (14.0) Duteau Ck., (14.1) Duteau Ck.

Group No.13

Fairview Water District - City of Penticton: (2a) Robinson Ck., (2b) Naramata Ck., (3a) Penticton Ck., (3b) Ellis Ck.

Group No.14

Grand Forks Water District - Town of Grand Forks area: (2a) Boundary Ck.,
(2b) Motherlode Ck., (2c) Lind Ck., (3) Moody Ck., (4) Brides Ck.

Group No.15

Princeton Water District - Town of Princeton: (2) Anderson Ck., (3) Hedley Ck., (4) Olalla Ck., (5) Bell Ck.

British Columbia

Map No. 1-KLS.  Watershed Reserves are listed in the following Water Districts: New Westminster, Vancouver, Victoria, Alberni, Nanaimo, Ashcroft, Cariboo.

Group No.16

New Westminster Water District - Upper Fraser Valley, Chilliwack City:
(7a) Cannell Lake, (7b) Silverdale and Nicholson Cks., (7c) Windbank Ck., (7d) Draper Ck., (7e) Norrish Ck., (8) Deroche Ck., (9) Engineers Ck., (10a) Brice Ck., (10b) West Ck., (10c) Hacking Ck., (10d) Ord and Commission Cks., (11b) Knox and Valkert Cks., (11c) Heather Ck., (12a) Elk Ck., (12b) Dunville Ck., (12c) Nevin Ck.

Group No.17

New Westminster Water District - Town of Hope: (13) Yale Ck., (14a) Schkam Ck., (14b) Pringle and Campbell Cks., (15) Silverhope Ck.  South Ashcroft Water District - Town of Lytton area: (5) Murray Ck., (6) Lytton Ck., (7) One & One Quarter Ck.

Group No.18

New Westminster Water District - Town of Whistler to Pemberton: (1) Pemberton Ck., (2a) Emerald Brook, (2b) Rideau Brook, (3) Crabapple Ck., (4) Archibald Ck.  Vancouver Water District - Town of Whistler: (14) Whistler Ck., (24) Alpha Ck.  

Group No.19

Vancouver Water District - Greater Vancouver to Town of Squamish:
(10) Carkner Ck., (11) Terminal (Trout) Ck., (12a) Eddy Ck., (12b) Byers Ck., (13) Malkin Ck., (15a) Mashiter Ck., (15b) Stawamus River, (16) Magnesia Ck., (17a) Harvey Ck., (17b) Rundle Ck., (18) Charles Ck., (19a) Montizambert Ck., (19b) Nelson River, (19c) Brothers Ck., (20a) Seymour Ck., (20b) Capilano Ck., (20c) Cypress Ck., (20d) Mossom Ck., (20e) Noons Ck. West Branch, (20f) Noons Ck. East Branch, (21a) Lynn Ck., (21b) Lynn Ck. and Rice Lake, (22a) Kennedy Ck., (22b) Mosquito Ck., (22c) McKay Ck., (22d) Elsay & Kilmer Cks.  New Westminster Water District - Greater Vancouver: (5) Coquitlam Lake, (6) Scott Ck.

Group No.20

Vancouver Water District - Town of Sechelt, Sunshine Coast: (4) Hotel Lake, (5) Garden Bay Lake, (6a) Paq Lake, (6b) Haslam Ck., (7) Trout Lake and Milne Ck., (8) Irving Ck., (9) Chapman Ck.  Nanaimo Water District - Texada and Lasqueti Islands: (19) Priest Lake, (20) Hadley Lake.

Group No.21

Vancouver Water District - Town of Powell River: (1b) Haslam Lake, (1c) Hamil and Powell Lake, (1d) Lang Ck., (2) Myrtle Ck., (3) Jefferd Ck., (23) Thulin Ck.

Group No.22

Victoria Water District - City of Victoria to Town of Ladysmith: (2) Banon Ck., (2b) Holyoak Lake, (2c) Chemainus Lake, (2d) Somenos Lake (2e) Richards (Crofton) Lake, (2f) Quamichan Lake, (3) Wace Ck., (4.0) Shawnigan Ck., (4.1) Shawnigan Lake, (5a) Sooke River, (5b) Council Ck., (5c) Goldstream and Waugh Cks., (5d) Mary Vine Ck., (5e) Ayum Ck., (6) Browns Ck., (7) Goudie Ck., (8) Kemp Lake, (9) Elk & Beaver Lakes, (10) St. Mary Lake, (11.0) Maxwell Ck., (11.1) Maxwell Lake, (12) Cusheon Lake, (13) Weston Lake, (14) Pender Lake & Shingle Ck., (15) Banon Ck., (19) Dole Brook.  Nanaimo Water District - Town of Ladysmith: (17b) South Nanaimo River, (18) Stocking Lake.

Group No.23

Nanaimo Water District - Nanaimo City to Qualicum Beach: (10) Nile Ck., (11) Little Qualicum River, (12) French Ck., (13) Englishman River, (14) Enos Lake, (15) Indian Reserve Ck., (16) Molecey Ck., (17a) Chase River.  Alberni Water District: Town of Port Alberni: (3b) McFarland Ck., (3c) China Ck., (5) Gold Ck., (9) Rogers Ck.

Group No.24

Nanaimo Water District - Town of Courtenay: (5a) Cumberland Ck., (5b) Perserverance Ck.,
(6) Trent & Tsable Rivers, (7) Hart Ck., (8) Cowie Ck., (9) Wilfred Ck., (21) Oyster River. 

Group No.25

Alberni Water District - Town of Tofino area: (6a) Sharp Ck., (6b) Meares Ck., (7) Mercantile Ck.

Group No.26
Alberni Water District - Town of Zeballos to Kyoquot: (1a) Zeballos River, Zeb & Ballos Cks., (2a) Extravagant Ck., (2b) Ubedam Ck., (2c) McKelvie Ck.

Group No.27

Nanaimo Water District - Town of Port Hardy to Sayward: (1) Tsulquate River,
(2) Willow Ck., (3) Newcastle Ck..

Group No.28

South Ashcroft Water District - Town of Lillooet area to Ashcroft: (2) D'Arcy Ck., (3a) Dickey Ck., (3b) Town Creek, (4) Jimmies Ck. 
North Ashcroft Water District - Town of Clinton:
(2) Clinton Ck.

Northeastern British Columbia

Map No. 1-G.  Watershed Reserves are listed in the following Water Districts: Kamloops, Prince George, Peace River, Quesnel.

Group No.29

Kamloops Water District - Town of Blue River: (1) White River.

Group No.30

Prince George Water District - Town of Valemount, McBride: (2) Dominion Ck. (3) Swift Ck.

Group No.31

Prince George Water District - City of Prince George area: (4) Taber Lake.

Group No.32

Quesnel Water District - Town of Wells: (2a) Red Gulch Ck. et al., (2b) Lowhee Ck. et al.

Group No.33

Quesnel Water District - Nazko Indian Reserve: (3) Michelle Ck.

Group No.34

Prince George Water District - Town of MacKenzie: (1) Morfee Lakes.  Peace River Water District - Town of Chetwynd: (2) Windram Ck. [Note Reserve No.(1) Charlie Lake is not indicated.]


Map No. 1-FLS.  Watershed Reserves are listed in the following Water Districts: Hazelton, Prince Rupert, Vancouver.

Group No.35

Hazelton Water District - Town of Hazelton: (1) Hospital Lake, (2a) Waterfall Ck., (2b) Station Ck., (3) Chicago Ck., (4) Ten Link Ck., (5) Two Mile Ck., (6) Sikadakh Ck.

Group No.36

Prince Rupert Water District - Town of Terrace: (1a) & (1b) Deep Ck. & Spring Ck.

Group No.37

Prince Rupert Water District - City of Prince Rupert, Village of Greenville:
(2) Woodworth Lake, (3) Wolf Ck., (6) Axe Ck.

Group No.38

Vancouver Water District - Town of Bella Coola: (1) Tatskwan Ck. (2) Snootli Ck., (3) Gibbs Brook.

Group No.39

Prince Rupert Water District - Queen Charlotte City: (5) Gore Ck. [not indicated on government map]