The following reports and presentations by Will Koop were researched and written over many years through volunteer labour and self-funding (excluding costs for the printing of the Seymourgate document, and for the entire Silty Sources document). As you will see, some of these documents are quite long, and some have introductions and summaries, which the reader can quickly browse through for a quick run down of the report.

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Long lists of newspaper, magazine article references for interested researchers and inquistive readers
Early era (1902-1928)

Later era (1985-1998)
About The Author Background reports information on the author, Will Koop.
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The Greater (now, Metro) Vancouver Watersheds - a brief history and description.
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Presentation to Metro Vancouver Water Committee - Response submission to Metro Vancouver staff report presented to the February 2008 Water Committee meeting. May 14, 2008.

Metro Vancouver staff response report, February 13, 2008.
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Presentation to Metro Vancouver Water Committee - Public comments related to the Drinking Water Management Plan Progress Report. November 14, 2007.

The Greater Vancouver Regional Districts' Water Committee recommended to cancel the 1967 Amending Indenture, February 8, 2002. (See March 27, 1997 report below for original delegation, and on the origin and meaning of the Amending Indenture)

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The Greater Vancouver Water District notified the provincial government, through the governing Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management, that it was cancelling the Amending Indenture, the special logging agreement with the provincial government.  The watershed lands now operate under (reverted back to) the Land Act Lease Indenture agreements of 1927 (Capilano and Seymour) and 1942 (Coquitlam). June 21, 2002.
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Red Fish Up the River.  A report written for the Kwiketlem First Nation (the Coquitlam River), October 1, 2001.
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Silty Sources: A Critique of the GVRD's Ecological Inventory Project Annex and Analysis Reports. November 1, 1999.

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Seymourgate related discussions: A collection of Water Committee delegations, letters, presentations, and newspaper articles regarding the controversy over logging and the agenda in the former Seymour Demonstration Forest. 1993-1998.

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Seymourgate - The Off-Catchment Lands of the Lower Seymour Valley.  An Investigation Into: The History of the Lower Seymour; The First Regional Park Proposal; The Seymour Advisory Committee and the Related Establishment and Operation of the Seymour Demonstration Forest. December 10, 1997.
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Comments on the Scientific Review Panel's Draft Report, "Protecting Vancouver's Water", and Related Matters. July 7, 1997.
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The Hollyburn Logging Road: Compilation of Information. February through April, 1997.

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A Delegation to the Greater Vancouver Regional District Board, and an Overview of Negotiations and Related Matters Between the Provincial Government and the Greater Vancouver Water District Regarding the Amending Indenture. Lots of information. March 27, 1997.

Greater Vancouver Water District, Water Committee meeting of September 10, 1999. Transcript of a delegation and discussion on the cancellation of the Amending Indenture. (Note: recommendation for cancellation occurred two and half years later).
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An Open Letter to Ben Marr, Manager of the Greater Vancouver Regional District: Upon Your Retirement. November 21, 1996.

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Not Coming Clean: The Culvert Creek Landslide. A Report on the Landslide into the Capilano Reservoir, and the Greater Vancouver Water District's Claims to the Public. As a result, the Reservoir was shut down for six months to allow repair and remediation work to the landslide site. December 8, 1995.

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Misinforming the Public - A Critique of the Greater Vancouver Regional District's (GVRD'S) Watershed Management Booklet "Protecting a Precious Resource" (A GVRD Exercise in Controlling Information). August, 1995.

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A Critique of the Landslide Report from John Morse to the Water Committee, Being Item 2(D) of the February 10th, 1995 Water Committee Agenda, An Overview of Other Relevant Details which were not Reported on, and Some General Observations. March 18, 1995.
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A History of the Coquitlam River and Watershed: 1898-1914. April 6, 1994.

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Wake Up Vancouver!  An Historical Outline of the Policies and Administration, Including some of the Debates, Circumstances, and Controversies, of the Greater Vancouver Watersheds. This a large file, because of the many photographs, etc., within it. April 26, 1993.