September 30, 2013 -
A New Report by Will Koop

B.C. Tap Water Alliance

A History of the Big Eddy Waterworks District
and its Long-Standing Battles to Protect
the Dolan Creek Watershed Reserve

(Downloadable pdf sections below)

After many years of research, and following the release of the June 2006 book, From Wisdom to Tyranny: A History of British Columbia's Drinking Watershed Reserves, the B.C. Tap Water Alliance has released its next new major compendium report, The Big Eddy.

Both Wisdom to Tyranny and The Big Eddy are unique, critical, pioneering, informative and indispensable research tools on British Columbia's community and irrigation district Watershed Reserves and the protection history of BC's drinking water sources.

We have dedicated The Big Eddy report in honor of the life, work and legacy of the late Colleen McCrory (see below), one of the founding members of the B.C. Tap Water Alliance in February 1997.

For an overview explanation of this report, please refer to the two chapter links below on Preface and Acknowledgements and the 10-page Executive Summary. For a overview of legislation and policy of Watershed Reserves, refer to Appendix A. (Note: Appendix A was revised on October 2, 2013)

Due to the report's size of some 57 megabytes - 345 pages in length, with over 230 images - the report is divided below into smaller downloadable single and multi-chapter segments in pdf format.

This report was almost entirely self-funded. If you appreciate the quality of our research and advocacy, and wish to support our efforts, return to the Home Page here to make a financial donation on the PayPal link. Thank you.

Radio Interview
with Will Koop
Nelson City Coop Radio September 24, 2013

Link to the Complete Report of The Big Eddy (Pdf, 57 Mb)


Title Page, Contents,

Dedication to Colleen McCrory,
Preface and Acknowledgements

2.5 Megabytes


1.2 Megabytes


Chapter 1 (Pages 22 - 28)

The Birth of the Big Eddy Waterworks District

2.1 Megabytes

Chapter 2 (Pages 29 - 83)

The Birth of the Dolan Creek Watershed Reserve and Controversies over BC's Early Watershed Reserves

12.1 Megabytes

Chapter 3 (Pages 84 - 98)

1952-1965: The Early Successful Vigilance of Big Eddy Against the Forest Service's Intentions to Log the Dolan Reserve

2.9 Megabytes


Chapter 4 (Pages 99 - 146)

The Mystery of
the Missing Reserves

9.8 Megabytes

Clay Chapters 5 and 6 (Pages 147 - 179)

The Ministry of Health
and BC Hydro


The Road to the
Environmental Appeal Board

3.2 Megabytes

Chapter 7 (Pages 180 - 203)

The Struggle for Control

4.7 Megabytes


Chapter 8 (Pages 204 - 236)

The Failed Public Relations Tour of Blewett Creek, Etcetera

10.2 Megabytes


Chapters 9 and 10 (Pages 237- 288)

The Looming Issue of Liability and its Dissipation - A Discussion and Review of Internal Records

The Hot Potatoe - Private Land Ownership Conflicts in Community Watersheds

7.3 Megabytes


Chapter 11 (Pages 289 - 318)

Battling the New Order

4.5 Megabytes

Appendix A (Pages 319 - 327)

Land Act Reserves Legislation, Lists, and Forest Service
Ownership Codes

   1.4 Megabytes

Appendix B, C, D and E
(Pages 328 - 344)
B - Early Newspaper Articles (Revelstoke Herald) and City of Revelstoke City Council Minutes (1909-1911)
C - BC Tap Water Alliance Press Release (March 21, 2013)
D - West Coast Environmental Law Association's Letter to Stan Hagan Regarding Bill 21, May 1, 2002
E - Letter to Revelstoke City Regarding Greeley Creek Watershed Reserve, June 4, 2013

0.6 Megabytes